Wednesday, May 18, 2011

The Bill May 18, 2011

You remember last week when I was all sad because I had no new books that came out? Well it seems that the comic gods wanted to right that mistake by raining down a metric butt-ton of books upon me this week. What's more, they were all generally pretty good! Dammit, what am I supposed to write about if I like everything? I feel like I should turn in my blogger card....

Unless, of course, we keep this as our little secret. Come an indulge me this week, I promise all kinds of snark next week*.

Written Just For Me:

Fear Itself: Youth in Revolt # 1
Writer: Sean McKeever
Artist: Mike Norton

Okay, so technically this came out last week, but I missed it so I'm just going to pretend it came out this week. Besides, with a cast like this - Prodigy, Gravity, Stunt Master - , I can't not write about this one. Plus it's written by Sean McKeever, who's been nothing but awesome in his return to Marvel (even if his one big book was cancelled).

This issue follows the fallen, occasionally drunken leader of The Slingers (Marvel's most underrated superteam!), Prodigy, as he's tasked with creating a giant team of young heroes to help quell the rising fear from... well, Fear Itself. It's fun, in that kind of "Oh right, we have heroes other than Spider-Man and Iron Man to handle all these giant battles" kind of way.

But really, anything that brings more Slingers-tinged, Gravity-involving action is welcome to my addiction. I can only hope this spurs a new team book in six months starring at least those two.

And that hopefully it'll last longer than five months...

Now With Extra Pulp:

Rocketeer Adventures # 1
Writer: John Cassaday, Mike Allred, Kurt Busiek
Artist: John Cassaday, Mike Allred, Michael Kaluta

Just going to prove that I don't ALWAYS buy Marvel, I picked up this charming anthology from IDW today and couldn't be happier with it. Like most people (I suspect) my introduction to The Rocketeer came with the movie and didn't go much farther than that. However, there is something about a guy in a jet pack fighting nazis that's impossible to not like.

Anyway, enter this book, and it's fantastic short adventures featuring everyone's favorite rocket propelled pulp hero. It's fast, funny, and heartfelt with enough action that it never lets you down. The kind of stories that you always want your pulp heroes to inhabit.

My personal favorite was the John Cassaday story to kick off the book, if only because it had the most action per capita, also the most John Cassaday art per capita. Fun times all around, you should totes check it out!

Okay, enough gushing! I promise I'll try harder to be snarkier next week and be extra mean with everything.* Until then!

*This may or may not be true

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