Monday, June 22, 2009

Casting Call - Star Wars: Arrested Development

I love Star Wars.

I love Arrested Development.

So what would happen if both properties got really drunk, had a night of wild passionate sex, and had a horrible illegitimate child?

Now the story of a jedi order who lost everything and the one hope who had no choice but to get them all together. It's the Return... Of the Jedi.

George Michael Bluth as Luke
Like duh, right? It's totally obvious: George Michael is the new hope of the Bluth family, which makes him perfect to be the new hope of the jedi order.

Maebe Funke as Leia
And of course, if George Michael is Luke, then Maebe has to be Leia. She's a crafty smooth talker who has that bit of that creepy forbidden love affair with George Michael, just like Leia did with Luke.

Gob Bluth as Han.
Who better to be the overly confident, not-as-smart-as-he-thinks-he-is, part-time scoundrel than Gob Bluth? I mean, the Falcon already has a segway ramp, what more do you need? Come on! I could see him taking on whatever job to pay the bills, from buying pot for George Michael to running spice for Jabba. All he needs is a good co-pilot to keep him flying straight.

Michael Bluth as Chewbacca
While Gob is busy putting on the show for everyone, Michael is the one making sure everything works out the way it should, just like Chewie does for Han. And really, for all the good that Michael's speeches do, he might as well be speaking in a series of grunts and growls.

Franklin as Lando
A Part time ladies man who used to work with Han? Come ON, it's gotta be Franklin.

George Bluth Sr as Obi Wan
The father figure of the bunch, bullying and berating his kids to make them the screwed up adults they are. Just like how Obi Wan treated Anakin. It's a wonder Luke didn't end up all messed up.

Buster Bluth as Vader
An ignored family member with some severe attachment issues, Buster Bluth is practically a Xerox copy of ol' Anakin. You know, if Anakin wore glasses, had a degree in Agrarian Economics, and still lived with him mother. Well, at least they're both missing a hand...

Lucile Bluth as Emperor Palpatine
The mastermind behind it all, pulling all the strings. She has Buster wrapped around her little finger, but since he's been all mopey since losing his hand, she's been on the look out for a new 'boy'. Sure puts a new spin on the idea of Mother-Boy doesn't it?

Steve Holt as Boba Fett
Because BOBA FETT! That's why.

It totally writes it self! Now if only Fox could get the rights to do it from Lucas, convince Mitch Hurwitz and the cast to come do it, and if Hell froze over, we'd be in business. In the meantime I'll be dreaming of scenes like this:

Huge props to my beautiful girlfriend Katrina, my slightly less beautiful friend Benj, and my funny, but down right ugly buddy Roy for helping me with this idea


  1. Now I'm just eagerly awaiting the mini-episode. Get on it, Cove Entertainment!

  2. I LOVE YOU! I mean...uh, this blog entry is real good. I like football.

    Dan (los angeles Dan)

  3. What about Annyong? I'm guessing Ewok. Yeah, you really need to photoshop THAT now ;)

  4. you've hit reddit... and this IS awesome.

  5. Oh dear God this is great. Especially STEVE HOLT! as Boba Fett and Franklin as Lando... I am sad we didn't see Egg... I mean Ann as Jabba the Hutt though.

  6. Hey thanks! And yeah, somehow I forgot Annabell as I was doing this. But I guess that's expected.

  7. i'm super late to this, but i suppose that's because i only just finished watching all of arrested development (omg) and get it now. this is pure fantastic and it needs to happen. asap. k?

  8. dammit. my computer ate my comment.

    basically: i'm late to this because i just finished watching all of ad and this needs to happen asap.

    it's pretty much fantastic waiting to happen.

  9. I am almost a full year later than Annie! I've recently fallen in lust with AD and am glad I did not have to wait as long as you lifers for the upcoming Netflix Season 4. Thanks for this HILARIOUS morph that I will be now sharing so, like AD, it will resurface with all it's glory once more! I heart Gob. - Ma Duke

  10. Glad you enjoyed it, Ma Duke! And more importantly, I'm glad you discovered AD. It still holds up after all this time, and still remains as my favorite of all time.