Thursday, June 18, 2009

Comics I want to like: Fused

Fused was a collection of miniseries that came out a few years ago by Steve Niles and a plethora of artists about a man trapped inside a robot exo-suit which should be way cooler than it actually is.

I love robots, and I love big crazy ideas, but sadly Fused gets dropped in my category of 'Things I want to like'.

The book starts slow, dealing with Mark, the affect his predicament has on his marriage, and, you know, him throwing up his own guts, until kicking it up a notch by introducing the villain of the piece: A genetically engineered Cro-Magnum super genius Cro-Mag.

So, of course, with Cro-Mag causing problems, it's put to Mark to take down the prehistoric genius in a battle consisting of flying brains outfitted with guns, bigger robots, and one instance of poo-flinging.

Somehow though, it just doesn't work for me. For all the crazy ideas, they just never come together in a way to get me truly excited about what I'm reading. There's a severe lack of 'fun' throughout the pages and it really comes across.

Set in a world where the kinds of science you wish really existed, Fused doesn't seem to push the ideas of what makes a fun awesome series. and it's really too bad....

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