Friday, June 12, 2009

Sidekicks no more!

With the return of both the Original Bucky and now the Heroes Reborn Bucky, it got me thinking about how many stray Bucky's there are floating around in the Marvel U. There's enough that you could start a mean little super-team. Check it out:

James Buchanan: The Originator
James Buchanan, the man who defined the role, who was presumed dead for decades, and currently is Captain America. He's the perfect guy to whip all these imitators and late comers into shape.

Rick Jones: The Heartthrob
The slut of superhero sidekicks, Rick started out hanging with the Hulk, then moved on up to the Avengers, to Captain America, to Captain Marvel, to Rom, to Captain Marvel's Son, to currently being a Hulk like freak himself. Somehow while he was galavanting around with the heroes, Rick also found the time to carve out a decent niche for himself as a rockstar and the idol of millions. He seems like he'd be the face man of the group, able to smooze and charm information out of most lackies and the fighting skill to beat it out of the rest.

James Monroe: The Crazy One
Oh Jimmy, you never had an easy time. He was brainwashed in the 1950s to fight off the Red Menace (not the Tick Villain) only to be put on ice for a few years while they tried to de-program him. After he was dethawed (and still thought he was James Buchanan for a while) he inherited Steve Rogers old identity and became Nomad, the Biker with a Baby. Ironically he was gunned down by a brainwashed James Buchanan a few years ago, but really in the Marvel U that's the easiest thing to overcome. Just look at Steve Rogers...

Right.... Moving on...

Fred Davis: The Quiet One
He did his job so well, you didn't even know he existed. Fred was the first guy to take over the Bucky Mantle after James and Cap were presumed dead over the Atlantic. Later in life he was attacked and now hobbles around with a limp while working with the V-Battalion. Or at least he was in the late 40s. I'm sure he's still kicking around and would make a great strategist/mechanic for the team.

Lemar Hoskins: The BA Baracus
When the government updated Captain America for the 80s (read: replaced him with John Walker), they decided to update his sidekick too. Meet Lemar from the Bold Urban Commandos, who briefly took on the role of Bucky. That is until they realized that it was a racist term and promptly gave him a new identity. Currently known as Battlestar, he was last seen fighting on the Anti-Registration side of the Civil War and is probably residing in the 42 prison as we speak. Super strong, hardened by prison with a history of civil disobedience, he'd be the power house of the team, both in spiritually and physically.

Rikki Barnes: The Cute One
Damn you Rob Liefeld and the longevity of your characters! At least she's not covered in pouches and does more than just grimace.

Man, I want this book.

Toss in a brand new EXTREME Bucky (Like a new Winter Solider maybe), a gimmicky cover, and some flashy, but not anatomically correct artwork and you have yourself a nice little Ninties book. I could see that running for a good 25 issues in the heyday.

I'm going to start a letter-writing campaign!

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