Saturday, June 6, 2009

When Awesome isn't Awesome

Thor is pretty awesome.

Galactus is totally awesome!

So Thor as a herald of Galactus should be totally awesome, right? Especially when the men behind the wheel are Robert Kirkman (of Invincible fame) and MIchael Avon Oeming, right?


In a story that should be all about Thor flying through the cosmos, battling crazy alien monsters while serving the most awesome character ever, with maybe some kind of moralistic drama on Thor's side, is anything but.

The story starts with Galactus trying to feed on Asgard while the Norse Pantheon mount their counter attack. Thor flies into a rage after the love of his life is taken out, and goes berserk on Galactus' Female Silver Surfer. Taken by Thor's grit, Galactus strikes a deal: Be my herald, and I'll leave this place alone. Thor, of course, accepts

Then we cut to sometime later where Thor is in the middle of raging on some alien planet, getting it ready for Galactus.

Our awesomeness lasts for exactly two pages, as Thor gets word of Asgard in peril, taking the story back to where it started.

So it turns out that Loki had lured Galactus to Asgard in an attempt to take Odin out of the picture, and as an added bonus, he got rid of Thor too. Pissed, Thor frees all his friends and tells Galactus to eat the place, as it was ruined beyond repair. And then it ends.

Sure, we get brief glimpses of total awesomeness, but in the end it's just the same ol' Thor story about Loki taking over and Thor doing what he can to put Loki in his place.

Sigh... Maybe the world just wasn't ready for something that amazingly awesome.

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