Wednesday, June 10, 2009

The Ending of Blackest Night

I made a bet last night with a friend of mine regarding the end of Blackest Night.

I'm betting a steak dinner that the penultimate issue of the Blackest Night series will end with Hal, in complete blackness, putting on all the rings and bursting through the darkness with a piercing white light.

"Huh, what?" You're sayin'. Let's look at what we know:

- The emotional spectrum of the universe is split into 7 different colors
- White light, when shone through a prism, splits into the different
component colors
- Hal Jordan is on his way to having a history possessing each of the rings
- Blackest Night is supposed to be the culmination of plans set in motion
during Green Lantern:Rebirth
- Hal Jordan still needs to be redeemed in the eyes of Corps.
- Geoff Johns LOVES Hal Jordan and has a tendency to cram Hal's greatness
down your throat.

Makes sense, right?

In a story sense, Hal has two guys he needs to outshine in the eyes of the Corps: Kyle Rayner, the Torchbearer and Sodam Yat, Ion. The later being the host of the Green Lantern's Mascot (basically), and the former being the guy that kept the green flame burning after Hal destroyed the Corps.

If Hal can harness the entire emotional spectrum, then he'll truly be the greatest Lantern (regardless of color) of all time and regain his top spot in the annuls of history.


I liked Kyle better.


  1. I had that same prediction. But it goes deeper then that. Almost all the major hero and villains that are currently dead and risen will be returned to life. If black is the lack of emotion and life then white is obviously the opposite of that. Hals a great place to start but Guy will always be my GL. I read the Corp. more then i do the GL book.

  2. I like Hal coz he is "the original" in the GL storyline... But hey, you may be onto something with merging all colors to counter black.