Friday, September 9, 2011

The Bill September 8, 2011

After a few weeks of going on and on about the biggest comics on the block, I thought it was about time I took things in a different direction. This week, no DC Reboot bashing (or praising, as I hear Action Comics #1 was pretty good) and no Marvel zombie-ing (although I could go on and on about Spider-Island: The Avengers if you want). Instead we'll focus on something that's not getting the press it deserves. Come check me out after the graphic and I'll fill you in.

The Best Comic Featuring a Cowboy And a Bear:
Reed Gunther # 4
Writer: Shane Houghton
Artist: Chris Houghton

This book was a hard one for me to resist.

Maybe it's my soft spot for Westerns, Buddy Movies, or big, fun concepts; there's something about Reed Gunther that I just really love. It's probably the fun, airy dialogue and the expressive and energetic artwork, that always does a lot to endear me.

I first heard about this book via a random internet posting (on either Comics Alliance or Bleeding Cool, I can't remember) from the creative team reminding the wider audience that "All Ages" does not mean "Just for kids". The ad urged comic stores not to drop the book into the pit of Archies, Marvel Adventures, and assorted Johnny DC books (AKA the books that will never sell) and instead place this book with all the other regularly selling books. Through it's simple, effective art work and
fun wordplay, the ad enticed me to search out the book in question and boy I'm glad I did.

Truth be told, I actually bought an issue a few weeks ago during a slow week. In that issue (the first issue), Reed and his bear companion (bearpanion?), Sterling, saved a pretty girl from a giant snake monster with a healthy dose of hilarity. It was a welcome reprieve to the Giant Crossovers I'd been getting, but I didn't have the instant desire to rush out and buy all the rest instantly.

As it turns out, this week was pretty slow and the new issue of Reed Gunther was out. Never being one with strong willpower when it comes to comics, I opted to check out the new issue to see if it got better. And boy am I glad I did.

The newest issue finds the titular hero (and his bearpanion!) in the wilds of New York City facing off against Monsters, Government henchmen, and mistaken identity while he searches for some mysterious idol. Try to tell me that doesn't sound awesome! It's got humor, action, and big adventure; what more do you want from a comic book? Exactly! Quit messing around and go buy the thing already.

Go. Go buy it now. I'll see you next week. Now scoot!

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