Sunday, August 29, 2010

Weekend Matinee: VIVA KNIEVEL!

If you've always wanted to see Evel Knievel kill Leslie Neilson, then brother, this is the movie for you.

Quite honestly I'm shocked that this flick isn't more talked about in the circles of bad film snobs. It's got everything: Motorcycles, heavy-handed social commentary, crazy stunts, drugs, AMERICA! What more could you want?

Viva Knievel follows the dramatic adventures of Evel Knievel as he takes his show on the road to Mexico where, between jumps, he stops a drug cartel. From the first scene where Evel heals an orphan just by being in the same room as him, till the final frame of Evel jumping over a fire pit in his suped up motorbike, this movie had me hooked with it's sincere ridiculousness.

I cannot recommend this one enough. If I were you (and I was just a few weeks ago), I'd add it to the queue ASAP, grab some friends and some booze and have a ball with this one. Bonus points if you do a double feature with Stunt Rock.

It was rough picking one clip to show you this week, with options running from the aforementioned Orphan scene, to the a fantastic anti-drug speech from the man himself. But, I thought, that would be spoiling the pleasure of seeing those scenes in context, so instead I opted for something simple: The Viva Knievel Theme.

Good luck getting that one outta your head...

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