Wednesday, August 24, 2011

The Best Thing About The DC Reboot...

...Just makes it all that much more disappointing.

But I'm getting ahead of myself. Earlier in the week, Newsarama (or 4chan if you believe Bleeding Cool) released a huge collage of the new DC Logos (or mastheads, if you want to get technical) and they're awesome. Just check'em out:

click to embiggen

Those are, without a doubt, some of the slickest, most modern looking logos I've seen in years. Kudos to DC for really bringing it when it comes to the majority of these title treatments. Out of context, these absolutely signify the new M.O. of 'The New 52' and honestly get me excited about some of these books.

And then I remember them in context:

Simply put, those logos don't go with those costumes. It's like chocolate and relish, Peanut butter and steak, kittens and cucumbers, or... well, you get the idea.

I've ranted about these new costumes before, so I'm going to try to not repeat myself, but basically DC very much missed an opportunity when they revamped these costumes for 'The New 52'. Instead of going to the early 90s for inspiration, why didn't they turn to fashion designers, minimalist artists, or anyone out side of the field of comics that could give these characters a fresh, yet classic new look?

When I see those new mastheads, I expect the heroes they represent to be just as hip an modern. I want a slick, stylish Batman, Superman, and Wonder Woman when I open up that first issue of Justice League, not overly complicated versions of their old, better-looking costumes. It's as if the mastheads and the characters were designed by two different parts of DC Comics that refuse to talk to each other. The disconnect between the two ideologies when it comes to new, fresh and modern is astounding.

Listen, I really want this crazy DC stunt to work. I want nothing more than the talk a week from now to be how DC has totally reinvigorated the comics market and goosed sales throughout the industry. I just worry that someone's going to read all the coverage for this new, fresh DCU, only to be disappointed when they see something that looks like comics have always been.

Let's pray that I just worry too much.

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