Wednesday, February 17, 2010

My Crazy Controversial Lost Theory

Have you heard of this show, Lost? Buncha assholes get stuck on an island Gilligan-style with no means of escape? Been on the air for six years and has become somewhat of a cultural icon? Yeah, that's the one.

On a whim I jumped into Lost a few months ago prepared to take this crazy story head on, and found that I was quickly sucked in. That's not to say that I'm some kind of 'Lostie' or anything. Those people, while I'm sure strong in character, are a little nuts and overly obsessive. Good for them and their misguided tastes, I'm just into Lost for the plot.

Anyway, after such a large and concentrated dose of ABC's most popular drama, I came up with a some my own crazy theory about how the show will end.

Curious? Well good, otherwise you should probably stop reading (please don't stop reading)

SPOILERS ABOUND for those who haven't seen any of Season 6 yet!

In a nutshell: Jack Shephard is Jesus Christ

It becomes fairly obviously very quickly when watching Lost that one of the major overtones is one of faith and belief in a higher power. Throughout the majority of the series we watch John Locke and Jack Shephard square off ideologically as they try to save the survivors of Flight 815, with the former believing in the island while the latter strives for physical proof. So then why would Jack be the messiah and not Locke? Simply put, Jack has more in common with the Son of God than Locke ever did.

Here's how I see it: They both have issues with an absent father, who keeps affecting their life in mysterious and unseen ways (see Christian Shephard, AKA God) while they try to save their followers from danger (The Island, or the Roman Empire). I could even make the stretch that being a surgeon is akin to being a carpenter, in that they both involve construction, but I won't.

So for this to ultimately work out, the series will have to end with Jack making the big sacrifice, giving up his life, so that the others (not THE OTHERS, but you know, the other passengers) can finally get off that damned island.

Besides, Locke is more like Professor Xavier anyway.

Further, I think after Jesus-Jack sacrifices himself, he'll be resurrected as the new Jacob-figure for the island.

Everyone cool? Okay, so it was revealed at the end of Season five that Jacob had a buddy on the island (the internet has dubbed The Man in Black, but I totally want to make the easy Twilight reference and call him Edward) who seemed to be his opposite half. Further, it was revealed that the this Man in Black has recently taken the form of John Locke and had Jacob killed. Now, this BlackLocke isn't just some spirit in a meat suit, it's the only physical form that the former Man in Black can take.

Stick with me here: Jacob and the Man in Black are the same and can only take the physical form of one person, but need a dead body to do so. Right? And it's not like any body can be emulated, it has to be a specially chosen candidate which, according to episode 6.4, includes a certain spinal surgeon.

I want you to imagine this for the series finale: A tearful good-bye as Jack sacrifices himself for everyone's safe escape, a series of epilogues with our main cast and then, a shot of a beach where a lone man walks out of a cave and plops down on the sand. John Locke walks up behind him, saying something snarky, and then the reveal, it was Jack who was resurrected.

I'm sorry for ruining Lost's final moments for you, I just can't help myself.


  1. That ending shot is spectacular, as are your photoshopping skills. I'd love to see that be the real ending!

  2. yea, i totally agree that it will be something along the lines of this theory. i like the show, but im not obsessive and don't go overboard with it. the ending has to palatable to the masses and familiar. it's not going to be some metaphor for unknown egyptian gods. i also thought that maybe sayid was allah, hurley is budda, claire was virgin mary (since she had a kid on the island, sort of like immaculate conception), kate is mary magdaline, locke is satan and jack is jesus. sawyer is some kind of fallen angel. jacob is the actual GOD and the island is a paradise where all the worshipped gods and characters live. something like that.