Friday, February 12, 2010

Valentine's Day the Marvel Way

You know what book is really good for inexplicable reasons?

Who woulda guessed that a holiday one-shot (a Valentine's Day one at that!) is not only fun, but dangerously awesome. Divided into four short stories, Marvel Heartbreakers shows some of our favorite Marvel heroes in assorted states of romance.

There's a college-aged Peter Parker caught double scheduling dates with Gwen and Mary Jane, only to get stuck in a fight with a non-Newtonian blob by Kathryn Immonen and Elena Casagrande.

Beast puts the moves on Dazzler as she contemplates her next career move in a sweet story from Jim McCann and David Lopez.

And Snowbird wrestles with her inner desire for a mate while she wrestles two ancient Inuit gods.

It was a really solid issue, filled with fun, romance, and action. Definitely something you should consider picking up on a whim.



Well, kinda. Really it's just Boom Boom and Elsa Bloodstone setting a trap and talking about past trysts as they wait for their prey. They're prey, of course, being Elsa's latest ex, and quite possibly the character find of 2010:

Oh Nextwave, don't ever change. It's the only Valentine's Day gift I ever wanted.

But seriously, don't ever change.

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