Thursday, March 11, 2010

Did Moon Knight Get An Upgrade?

Have you been reading the new Moon Knight series? If not, you oughta be because it's all kinds of entertaining. For those of you who are, have you noticed something off about our hero?

I mean, besides the tiny imaginary god that taunts him to kill.

No, no, it's more that he seems to be really on top of things. Really... aware of his surroundings.

And his dressing ritual seems a bit... involved.

Yet his suit seems very... eager to be put back on.

Is it just me or does it seem like Moon Knight got a significant tech upgrade while he was playing dead in Mexico? But from who? Who would have that kind of technology? Who else can do all those things?

Oh... Right.

So if Moon Knight is outfitted with Stark Tech (or a Mexican knockoff), what does that mean? Did he just radically upgrade his tech? Or did he do something more drastic like inject himself with Extremis?

Anyone got any bright ideas?


  1. Moon Knight used the money he got in Mexico to pay The Tinkerer to outfit him with new gadgets.

  2. Right on. Is that the only reasoning behind his supertech? It just struck me as being a bit more than getting a few new gadgets. What's going on with his armor is what really made me wonder.