Tuesday, March 9, 2010

My New Favorite Marvel Book

What do you get when you combine one of my favorite characters, one of my guilty pleasure characters, and one of the finest creators out there? Young Allies, Marvel's newest ongoing, that's what.

Starting in June, Sean Mckeever and David Baldeon break ground on a series starring my favorite Nomad Rikki Barnes (Sorry, Jack Monroe!), Arana (bleh!), Firestar (fresh from retirement AND beating cancer!), the token new guy, and one of my personal favorite heroes, Gravity. Here's hoping the series can last more than six issues...

Pessimism aside, I can't help to wonder two things:

1- Will McKeever be able to bring Gravity back to his former glory? Here's a character that had such a promising beginning, only to see it squandered as other writers pushed the character in directions that just weren't right. Last I saw, the Wisconsin native who moved to NYC so he could be a big-time superhero was bounced around in The Initiative and ended up back in Wisconsin as a part of the GLA (or GLX or GLI, depending). I'm hoping McKeever can right poor Gravity's path to greatness.

2- With all the Avenger announcements of late, why not put this creative team on a Young Avengers book. Talk about a team that's aching for a book. Don't get me wrong, I'm all about these Young Allies, but I can't help to wonder how much more attention (and sales!) the book would get with 'Avengers' in the title.

For the record, that second point is cynicism, not pessimism. I hope you're as excited about this one as I am.

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