Thursday, December 9, 2010

Batman Hates America

Or just eagles... I can't really tell.

So, I was wondering, do you think Batman has to be really careful how he's perceived publicly now? I mean, a few years ago when he was just an Gotham City urban legend (that hung out with Superman) it didn't really matter what he did or who he was a dick to. But now with Bruce Wayne publicly behind him financially, do you think he has paparazzi following him around?

Think about it, even in a world where aliens declare war on your planet on what seems to be a weekly basis, the Bruce Wayne/Batman connection has to be big news. And big news means the tabloids are going to be all over that shit, making up any stories they can about the former urban legend.

I can see the newsstand headlines now: "I'm Batman's bastard child", "Batman in love triangle with Wonder Woman and Superman", "Batman and Joker, arch rivals or secret lovers?" or even "Look what the Cat dragged in (with a picture of Catwoman, natch)".

Worse would be the reaction to poor Bruce Wayne. For every terrible made up 'controversy' regarding the Batman, there would be a vicious backlash from the offended always threatening to boycott everything Wayne Enterprises. If I were the PR person, I'd just quit now. There's no amount of money that could make that job worth it, especially if the person mucking with the plans was secretly the guy you were trying to spin the stories for.

Sounds like a job for Sisyphus.

Anyone else hoping for a Bat-Press Secretary One-Shot? Come on, you know it'd be awesome...

Bats America hate courtesy of Ty Templeton and Rick Burchett in The Batman And Robin Adventures #4


  1. Heck, not just boycotts--what about lawsuits? Every perp that Batman beats up, every person/company that has any property damged after the Batmobile launches Bat missiles, everybody who missed an important meeting because Batman's battle with Mister Freeze had blocked of the Gotham Bridge, everyone "emotionally traumatized" after an envounter with Ol', they all have someone to sue--Mr. Deep Pockets Wayne, who has just publicly boasted about enabling all of this. PR people? I hope Wayne has several law firms lined up...

  2. Right?

    At that rate, people thinking that Bruce might be Batman is the least of his worries.

    For a guy who supposedly stays one step ahead of everyone, he really dropped the ball on this one. Maybe he was just rusty after his cross time caper.