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The Bill April 6, 2011

Why do my big weeks inevitably correspond with my busiest Wednesdays? It don't make no sense! Regardless, I still endeavor to give you the comic reviews you desire (probably) in the timeliest manner possible. And you better damn like it!

Enough angry talk. Let's get this show on the road.

The Obligatory Review:

Fear Itself # 1
Writer: Matt Fraction
Artist: Stuart Immonen

I wasn't excited about this book at all. I dug the creators and I'm always up for a good Marvel crossover, but for whatever reason I wasn't 'in' to the whole idea for some inexplicable reason. So you can imagine how blown away I was when this issue was utterly fantastic.

It wasn't necessarily a Bendis-level great first issue (Credit where it's due, the man does amazing first issues), but it was pretty solid in it's own right. Both Fraction and Immonen bring it here, and it shows. The inherent epicness, and the larger shared Marvel universe feel is felt throughout, and helps make this a must read crossover.

Honestly, I haven't felt this way about a crossover since Civil War. Finally it's something that resonates with me, that feels like something that could actually be happening right outside my window. You know, all the stuff that makes Marvel great.

I'm actively chomping at the bit for more, here's hoping it delivers.

Just For Me:

From the Vault: Thunderbolts
Writer: Fabian Nicieza
Artist: Derec Aucoin

I don't know if you know this, but I own a complete run of the 90s Nomad series. True story, I bought it off ebay for a cool two fifty (that's cents, not dollars) and loved the vast majority of it. So, of course, I had to buy this issue if, for nothing else, then to help complete my run of Jack Monroe issues. The question is: Was it worth it?

Well, honestly, as a Jack Monroe story it's kinda tame. It's an okay story that is more about who the Thunderbolts of the 90s were than it was about who or what Jack Monroe is all about. Like most Nomad stories, it involves a lot of him traveling and reveling in interior monologue, so there is that.

In the end though, I don't know if it was all worth it. As great as it is to see Jack back in print, I was instantly reminded why he's now dead. He works much better in flashback and in the occasional nostalgia fest, other wise he should be left to the books he was in and no more. No sense contaminating anything else with his crazy.

And with that, I'm officially running on fumes. I had so much great stuff this week, feel free to ask what I thought about books at random and I'll try to give you a fulfilling answer. Until then, it looks like it's all sheets and pillows for me.

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