Tuesday, July 14, 2009

Chaos Theory

I have random thoughts. Here are some:

-I watched the first episode of G1 Transformers the other day and noticed something:
All the Autobots are cars, while all the Decepticons are everything but. Does that mean the Cybertronian Civil War is a race war?

-Do you think Spider-Man will have foot problems later in life? The sole support in the Spider-Costume would probably be like it is in Converse All-Stars. Maybe that's why he hangs upside down all the time, because his feet hurt.

-With the amount of souvenirs in the Batcave and the Fortress of Solitude, I can only conclude that Batman and Superman are huge packrats. Remind me not to help them move.

-With it's Gothic architecture, above ground trains, shady docks, and affiliation with organized crime, Gotham City is 100% supposed to be Chicago, Illinois, don't let anyone tell you any different. I bet they have great pizza there.

-Marvel needs to release a new Nextwave mini-series like yesterday. I really want to see those crazy Warren Ellis fueled antics on the backdrop of Dark Reign. I bet Dirk Anger and Norman Osborne would get along smashingly.

-Call me a crazy person, but I'm not all that worked up about the increased cover prices on the mainstream books. Yeah it sucks that the prices went up, but it's totally inline with the general price increases since 1961. Every ten years or so, the price doubles. Check it out here, and try not to be too surprised when we have eight dollar books in 2020... Assuming we still have a paper distribution method.

-I would love to see Marvel to release a 'Wolverine Family' book, wherein Dakken, Logan, and X-23 have a violent family reunion. Throw in a crazy Uncle Deadpool and a newly resurrected Uncle Sabertooth, and it's a guaranteed sales bonanza! They should make it a Christmas special just to take advantage of the 'claws' puns they could make.

-I would love to see a Galactus/Ego The Living Planet team up book. It's the original odd couple. They could be hard traveling cosmic heroes slowly solving the mysteries of the universe while having amazing inter-entity banter.

-I'll bet ten bucks that if GI Joe: The Rise of Cobra is successful, we'll see a deluge of old animation properties brought back to the big screen as live-action blockbusters. Here's hoping that when they make Silverhawks, they don't give them black suits. Also that they don't change Mon*Star's Squid Space Ship...

-You heard it here first, the next big taste sensation to sweep the nation is Twinkies and candied bacon. You turn your nose up in disgust now, but you just wait, four years from now it'll be the hit at all the state fairs.

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  1. "Old animation projects brought back as live-action blockbuters"....

    Did you hear they're doing a live-action/CGI Smurfs? Forget GI Joe, now they're really ruining my childhood memories...