Friday, May 21, 2010

The alternate DC looks like a pretty cool place.

Last night on the season finale of Fringe, the viewers got a glimpse of an alternate reality. I don't really know more than that, because I don't watch the show, all I know is that they ran into some really awesome iconic DC comic covers from that world. Lucky for us non-fans, DC's The Source blog released all the images this morning, and they were pretty sweet.

My favorite:

Which got me thinking: Why aren't there more homages to this cover (The Superman one, not the Batman one, duh)? For all the iconic cover homages that DC does, I'm shocked that we haven't seen this one more. While it may induce memories of gritty, style-over-substance, 90s gimmick comics, you gotta admit that it's one striking cover.

To tell you the truth, I wouldn't mind to see more homages to the iconic images of the 90s. We've already seen a bit of it with the cover of Green Lantern # 50 so let's keep that trend going. Let me clear though, while I wouldn't mind seeing some homages to the artwork on those 90s books, the foil/gold-encrusted/die-cut/gatefold/whatever gimmick should stay in the past.

I'm looking at you, Marvel

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