Monday, May 24, 2010

Platypus Robot First Anniversary Contest!

Wow! That year certainly flew by.

That's right kids, it's been a year since I decided that the internet needed, nay demanded, my perspective on random geekiness and I started this blog. Since that fateful day at work (SHH! don't tell anyone!), I've found the perfect outlet for all my random geek knowledge. Finally a place where I can expound on the similarities between Planet of the Apes and the Terminator between reviews of crappy 90s comics while totally not alienating my friends (they don't quite share my affinity for comics, but they're still cool!)

Anyway, I decided it was about time to get the wheels churning on this blog, so let's kick it off with an old fashioned contest!

I want to see what you picture when you picture a Platypus Robot. Is it a robot with a duckbill? A platypus with bionic arms? Something in between? I want to know, and more, I want to see it.

So get those pencils, crayons, or cursors moving and design your best platypus robot and send it to me at by June 7th, 2010 (that's two weeks!) and I'll sort through them, post them here, and announce a winner or two.

What's in it for you? How about this:

One Grand Prize Winner gets:

A copy of Daredevil # 181-184, a blood sample prop from the 2008 Incredible Hulk Movie, AND a drawing by yours truly of your favorite comic hero (quality not assured on that last one!)

One Second Prize Winner gets

A copy of Daredevil #181, and a drawing of your second favorite comic hero (quality still not assured).

Runners-up gets:

Everyone else gets a digital high five from me for being totally awesome!

There you have it. Thanks everyone for making this blog a highlight of my year and here's looking forward to many more!

Now get crackin'!!


  1. Well, this is a stretch, but in my webcomic series Unity, the main character is of a species that is a distant descendant of a platypus, and a copy of this character's neural patterns eventually gets uploaded into a computer that simulates its brain, and then this resulting AI eventually ends up infecting the computer and all of the service robots on the starship they are on. There's an okay close-up of one of the service robots on this comic.