Thursday, June 17, 2010

The End of FrankenCastle

Remember a while back when I asked why The Punisher didn't look all Franken-Castle-y in the promo images for Shadowland? Well, I got my answer in this months solicitation:

Pencils & Cover by DAN BRERETON
The shocking conclusion of the FrankenCastle era! After his brutal struggle to kill Daken in Tokyo, the Punisher is in rough shape. In order to restore his health, hacker comrade Henry Russo sends Frank to the nearest remote place he can find -- Monster Island. However, as his body heals, Frank’s mind begins to fade into madness. Someone needs to take him down. Someone named Elsa Bloodstone.
40 PGS./Parental Advisory …$3.99

Dammit Marvel! Why do you have to take away the things I love?

I knew this was going to happen eventually, but did it have to happen so soon? The book's been so much fun, I don't want it to go back to the same ol' boring format of Frank as a vigilante. This was so much better; so much more imaginative; so much more fun. Look at this face and try to deny it:

You were taken from us too soon Franken-Castle, but you'll never be forgotten. Your battles against a Victorian Cyborg Monster Hunter and his Japanese Monster Killer Squad will go down in the annuals of comic history as some of the greatest times ol' Frank Castle ever had.

And ten years from now when they turn Frank into a werewolf, I'll be there to remind them of the good times; The Franken-times.


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  1. I completely agree. Remender took a frankly boring comic book and kicked its ass, making it into something new and exciting. Franken-Castle was a wonderful character arc for Castle and I'm sorry to see it conclude so soon.