Tuesday, April 27, 2010

The Coming Shadow(land)

This week's batch of Marvel internet teasers are for the impending Daredevil crossover, Shadowland. From the best reports it'll deal with the street heroes of New York learning to deal with DD's new status quo as the head of the Hand. Something like that.

So here was the teaser that was released yesterday:

Here's my question: What's the Punisher doing on this cover? I mean, yes, I understand that he's one of those quintessential Marvel street heroes and, yes, I can see that he's shooting Spider-Man in the crotch with an M16, but doesn't he look a bit different these days? I dunno, something like this:

Are we going to be in for some weird contiuity manuevering? Will Frankencastle be swept under the rug canonically? Or worse, will Frankencastle cease to be?

It's a question I'm not sure I want answered. All I know is that I don't want my FrankenCastle to go away yet.

Also: Read FrankenCastle!

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