Friday, April 23, 2010

Celebrity Fan Letters

No no, not for this site. Oh heavens no. I don't think any celebrities read this site... or do they? Whatever, onwards.

One of my favorite things to do when I read older comics is to read the letters page. It's here that you see fandom hasn't changed at all from the 1960s. People complaining about DD's costume change (that's to the red, not to the armor), complaints about changing it to Invisible Woman (in the eighties no less! I was baffled), people complaining about all kinds of things that we, as a collective reader, don't see as big deals anymore. And sometimes these letters are written by people who went on to actually write the comics.

While I was reading X-Force #1 for my very first post, I came across a curious letter.

"It's amazing that a book about charaters whose philosophy I object to so
strongly could interest me so much!"

He goes on to muse about the secrets of Stryfe:

"As for Stryfe... I don't see how he could actually be Cable... Maybe Stryfe
is Cable's son"

Interesting theory. He goes on to talk about the upcoming cast and how he was surprised that Cannonball and Boom-Boom opted to stay:

"I was especially surprised that he [Cannonball] and Boom-Boom did nothing
when Cable cold-bloodedly killed Brute"

So who was this wordsmith, published by Marvel before he even dreamed of having a contract there? Read the letter for yourself:

It was Christos Gage, current writer on Avengers Initiative (soon to be Avengers Academy), the House of M spinoffs, among others. Pretty cool, right?

I thought so, but I always find it fascinating to get a glimpse of these full on stars, especially comic stars, before they made it.

I'll keep my eyes open for more! Let me know if you find them first!

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