Saturday, April 24, 2010

Weekend Matinee: DEAD HEAT

Do you like buddy cop movies?

Do you like Zombie movies?

You do? Then brother, I have the peanut butter for your chocolate, Dead Heat. This forgotten classic teamed Treat Williams and Joe Piscopo as the original odd couple, where one was playing by his own rules, while the other was DEAD!

It's full of all the crazy pseudo science and outrageous action you would expect from an 80s movie and adds... well not much really, that's pretty much all it has going for it. Just check out this clip:

This week's moral is to never go to a butcher shop when a zombie apocalypse is afoot, the results can be most fowl. HA!

And yeah, I know that would be better with a beef joke. Whatever.

Also, if you're ever in need of putting down a psychotic side of beef, just remember to pump a full round into it's chest cavity, apparently that's the best option.

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