Sunday, April 18, 2010

Ask me things!

In case you haven't noticed (and I'm sure you did because you pour over my entire blog everyday... right?), I added a formspring box over along the side bar.

What's formspring, you ask? Well it's effectively a way to ask me questions in a really convinient way and/or anonymous way. It's kinda silly, I know, but hey, why not right?

So, want to ask me something, but don't want to leave a comment? Too lazy to send me an email? Scared that I might actually know who you are? Whatever the case, try the formspring if you want. Anonymous or not, I'll post the answers here so we can all reveal in the answers together.

Here's the form, just in case you never noticed it before.

Here's looking forward to answering the burning questions you might have from a strange blogger on the interwebs. Because when you have a blog like I do, suddenly your opinion matters... or something.

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