Friday, April 30, 2010

You got Questions?

I got answers. A few weeks ago I added a formspring box along the side panel for any questions you might have that you don't feel like posting as a comment (or emailing me directly). I finally remembered my password, and found a few questions waiting for me. Here are my answers:

Anonymous asks:
This Blog is Pretty good. Is there anything else you've written recently?

Let me tell you, compliments like that just make me feel all gushy inside. Thanks Anon, I'm really glad that you enjoy my ramblings However as it is, this is the only place you'll get them.

I do somewhat keep tumblr blog with a buddy of mine (itsatrap), but I've been overly lazy with 'trapping' new content. I should really get better at that.

Also, I wrote a couple of articles for the awesome guys over at Comic Impact, but a combination of work, holidays, and personal stuff (I moved) made it kind of fall by the wayside. I did write some fun stuff though, including a full on history lesson on industry game changers and a recap on who Rikki Barnes is. Even without my writings it's a great site and you should totally check it out. Sheldon, Simon, Dana, and (I assume, because I've never really interacted with him) Rob are great people with a fantastic comic resource page.

And hey, I'm always open to writing anywhere else if anyone's looking...

Nameless asks:
How's it been going for a year now? How come you don't actively try to get more followers? Have you made any money? How?

That's a really good question that I don't really have a good answer for. Honestly I just use this blog as an outlet for my comic passion and haven't really considered how I can make money off it.

It's weird, because I totally could, and ought to, I just never think it's an option. Part of me would feel like a sellout putting up Amazon links, but maybe I ought to just because. I dunno, it's something to consider that I really haven't thought of yet.

As for seeking followers, honestly it comes down to my modesty. I always feel weird pimping out the things that I do to other people, like I'm trying to force my products upon them, so instead I rely on other people to do the pimping for me. In life outside the internet it's the same way, where I won't tell people my accomplishments and have people around me who will tout this or that. It takes the pressure off, and then I don't feel so bad talking about it or myself because someone else is asking about it.

Maybe that's what I'll change going into year two, more amazon links and more shameless promotion. Whadda think?

My buddy over at Rated Awesome to Awful asks:
How's it going with the wirting and directing? Anything new coming up? How would The Cove like to help RATA Weekly make his Awesome commercials/webspots/youtube sensations?

Okay, for the uninitiated I'm a filmmaker. When I'm not trudging through reality TV shows, I'm part of a up-and-coming collective named Cove Entertainment. Together we focus on making fun internet shorts, our most notable ones being Living With Galactus and it's sequel.

In addition to this, I directed an award-winning festival short Background(ed) a few years back and am currently working with the team from that on a feature.


Right now, the writing is going WAY better than the directing. I'm working on a graphic novel (It's a western with super-science), I just finished a horror feature (Two horror geeks find themselves the stars of their own horror flick), and am just about to start writing another feature (the content to be determined, my partner and I are working on it). On the directing front, I have a really awesome horror comedy script lined up, but I'm waiting for one more revision before we really start on it.

As for new stuff, I know the guys have been hard at work pumping out new material lately, or at least shooting a lot of stuff. From what I understand, they've shot three or four shorts and are in the process of putting them together. Speaking of, I still have some really old footage that needs some love so it can be released....

As for helping out RATA, how about you shoot me an email about what you're looking for and I'll run it past the guys. We'll see if we can't figure something out.

The Lonley Lady asks:
What are the attractive qualities you look for in a woman?

After years of rejection, miscues, and otherwise not getting any, I came up with a list of requirements I look for in a woman:

1- She has to have a cute face. The way I figure it, when I'm talking to a girl for th emost part I'm gonna be looking at her face, so it better be worth looking at. I need captivating, emotional eyes; a clear-ish complexion; and a nose that fits on the face (not too big, and definitely not too small). Don't get me wrong, I love me some big boobs and/or a nice booty, but that shit doesn't last. A cute face will.

2- She has to be nice to Strangers. The easiest way to tell if someone is a good person is by how they treat people they don't know, be it waiters, ushers, or just people on the street. If I catch a girl I'm into being overly rude to someone who doesn't deserve it, it's a huge red flag.

3- She has to be Smart. Do you know how annoying it is to not have a compelling conversation with someone? Or have your jokes constantly fly over their heads? Or to have to explain the basics of everyday life? I'm sure you all do, so I'm sure you understand where I'm going with all this.

4- She has to 'get' my geekiness. This is the deal breaker. I don't mind if the girl I'm with is into comics the way I am, but I want her to understand that I love it and not try to change it. The worst thing in the world is to be embarrassed by, or otherwise shamed by what you love. I want a girl who accepts me and my geekiness as one.

And there you have it, my list for the perfect woman. Everything else (hair color, height, nationality, glasses/no glasses, etc) is all gravy. Although western shirts and polka dots are a HUGE plus.

Alright, first round of formspring down. Keep'em coming, and I'll keep answering em.

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