Tuesday, June 1, 2010

Things I Like: Thunderbolts!

You know what's crazy? The fact that the Thunderbolts is still around. Not just around, but a core component of the Marvel Universe. Not bad for a gimmick team launched in the 90s.

I don't mean that to come off as harsh as it sounds. I'm honestly just shocked that it's still around. Of all the lasting concepts floating around the Marvel offices, if you had told me that one of the neo-classics would be Thunderbolts back in 1996 I would have laughed you out of the state.

Well, maybe not. I was pretty young and impressionable. And there was no accounting for my taste, if my huge X-Force collection is any indication.

Back to the point, I'm shocked that this happened.

Did you know that in seven issues, Thunderbolts will become the second longest non-X team book in the Marvel line? Right now that title is held by The Defenders, and it's looking like it'll secede it's title within the year.


I'm actually pretty excited for The Thunderbolts. For a book that had everything stacked against it (a gimmick, the 1990s, no X in the title), it did really well surviving the times and becoming the integral part of the universe it is today. And now with the inclusion of one of my favorite characters, a new direction, and a great creative team the future seems to be super shiny for this almost 15(!!) year-old team.

Now start reading it so they don't go canceling it on me.

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