Sunday, June 13, 2010

Platypus Robot Contest Winners!

With the final bell tolled, all the entries accounted for, and a week to figure out what I'm doing, it's time to announce the winner of The First Annual Platypus Robot Contest.

I could keep yabbering, but what's the fun in that? Let's get to it.


First up, getting the prize for the most tangentially related contest entry is Fluffy.

This little guy comes from Fluffy's epic webcomic Unity and is, in the man's own words, "a species that is a distant descendant of a platypus, and a copy of this character's neural patterns eventually gets uploaded into a computer that simulates its brain, and then this resulting AI eventually ends up infecting the computer and all of the service robots on the starship they are on"

So there you go. Thanks Fluffy!

Next up, comes this cute little entry from long time reader Katrina:

This little guy is cable ready, but sadly can't reach the AV plugs on his backside. Good job, Katrina!

Rounding out the runners up comes this familiar looking entry from reader Dan L:

Gizmo-Platypus fights for the rights of his people, trying to bring an end to the racial tyranny in DuckBurg. "We all have bills, can't we get along!" Thanks for bringing this issue to the forefront Dan, it's been a long time coming.

Anyway, all three of these entries get a fully enthusiastic digital high five. Great job guys!


The coveted second place goes to Robert H. and his multiple interpretations of the ol'PR

It's a Platypus for every occasion! Need help in the kitchen? Check the Toaster-Platypus. Help overthrowing a dictatorship? Call up the War-Platypus. Want to.. feel sorry for a robot? Call in the broken one. Inventive and fantastic stuff!

Robert will get a copy of Daredevil 181 and this sketch of his second favorite hero, The Man-Brute Woodgod:

I can't say I didn't warn you about the quality.


Finally, the high sought after first place goes to Emily R and her cute yet destructive entry:

It's hard to argue with his defensive capabilities. Saw blades for when it's time to cut a rug; Lazers to let them know you're serious; and Bubbles, you know, for the kids. AND she went ahead and did a logo. How awesome is that?

Emily gets Daredevil 181-183, a vial of Hulk blood, and this "amazing" sketch of her favorite hero, The Maxx:

And that's all she wrote. Huge thanks to everyone who took the time to enter, every one of your entries brought a huge smile to my face and I couldn't tell you how grateful I was for them. It's because of people like you, and really all the readers that I get, that keep me spouting off about random geekery.

Here's to an even better year two!


  1. For an entire week, I have been floating about town, flying high on my platypus win! Also, making jean luc a spirit animal... I don't think Q nor The Leopard Queen could have done better.

  2. Heh, I wasn't really being serious with my entry, but thanks for humoring me anyway. :)