Sunday, November 7, 2010

Weekend Matinee: BLIND FURY

How this movie slipped passed me for so long is a mystery.

Check this out: Rutger Hauer is a blind, Vietnam vet/ninja, traveling across the country with Brandon from Step by Step on a mission to save John Locke from evil corporate drug manufacturers. But as cool as it is to watch Rutger straight up murder dozens of thugs with his cane/sword, it's nowhere near as interesting as the personal relationships in the movie.

First, there's Rutger's relationship with John Locke, which can best be described as passive-aggressive guilt, where Rutger knows that Locke's cowardess is responsible for his blindness, but refuses to mention it.

Next, there's Rutger's relationship with the de-facto love interest, that not only doesn't go anywhere, but it wholly dropped in the third act of the movie. Seriously, she doesn't have a line at all in the final half hour, not even in the denumount.

And finally there's Rutger's relationship with 11-year old Brandon, his true love interest. Like most romances, it starts with them at each other's throats and going through a traumatic event. But in the end, they learn to love and respect each other for their own special talents.

It'd be beautiful if it wasn't so creepy.

You can imagine how hard it was for me to find a good clip from this masterpiece. Should it be the "sexy" man-boy love? *shudder* The "funny" driving sequence through Reno? Or maybe the ridiculous ending?

In the end, I know what sells: ACTION. So here, enjoy this scene of some straight up murders:

And you thought Daredevil was badass. Now stop messing around and add it to your Netflix queue.

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