Tuesday, November 30, 2010

Ant Man And Wasp VS Internet Memes

Nothing frustrates me more than a misuse of popular slang. Be it in movies, TV shows, or from the mouths of old people, it just kind of irks me when I hear them try to be hip and just fail miserably. Enter: Ant Man And Wasp # 1.

Now for the most part, Tim Seely does a fantastic job with this book. I really like the Eric O'Grady Irredeemable Ant-Man (although I like him in his original duds better), I'm totally digging the new Scientist Supreme angle for Hank Pym, and I just generally like team up books like this. I do love me some mismatched team ups.

Aside from the character choice, I was genuinely intrigued by the story of the first issue. In broad strokes, Ant Man is trying to impress Hank Pym (Wasp) so he goes to him with a hot tip regarding an impending AIM raid. As it turns out, Ant Man was just a plant and as soon as he fell asleep, a sleepwalker (of the same race as the 90s icon, but not that guy) emerges to steal whatever the target was. It's revealed that the guy who gave the hot tip was actually subconsciously implanting a word in Ant Man's head that made him easy to find in the dreamscape.

And here's where my problem comes in.

As Wasp is explaining what happened, Ant Man breaks it down layman style and sounds like an un-hip idiot:

For those not in the know, in no way does this scenario begin resemble a rickroll. A Rickroll, in the most basic sense is enticing someone to do something (like, click a link) only to have that thing (the link) really be 'Never Gonna Let You Down' by Rick Astley. At no point does it involve subconscious markers, Principia Discordia, or dreamscape-walking alien thieves. I'm just saying.

A good life rule: If you don't know what a specific meme is, don't drop it in casual conversation. You'll just end up looking like an idiot. Just saying.

Ant Man and Wasp, you're on notice.


  1. "Never Gonna Give You Up" is actually the title, not "Never Gonna Let You Down"....

  2. Balls. Thanks for the heads up. Imma leave it how it is though so you don't look like a crazy person anon. Thanks for looking out