Friday, February 4, 2011

NFL SuperPro Week Day Five - Wit And Wisdom

Welcome to the final day of NFL SuperPro week here at Platypus Robot. Over the past week we've talked about the early days, the best days, the villains, and the spinoff that only I'm clamoring for. The only thing we haven't seen is SuperPro in action. So with out further ado, I give you the wit and wisdom of the man of honor.

As a special bonus, these nuggets of wisdom can also double as witty repartee for your Super Bowl party this weekend. Give it a try!

Translation: If you lose early, you lose often. Try to stem the tide before it happens.

Translation: Never bet against the house, or a garishly dressed man might jump out and beat on you.

Translation: Criminals, you so dumb.

Translation: Autographs are a pain for everyone.

Translation: Breaking and Entering is fun AND easy. Give it a try, kids!

Translation: I... ugh. Pass.

Translation: I will fight you.

Translation: Get out of my house!

Translation: When the going gets tough, leave the scene. You can't do any good there anymore anyway.

And so, it's with a heavy heart, and a dwindling amount of source material, that I bring NFL SuperPro to a close. I hope you had as much fun as I did celebrating this former corporate shill, and I hope it gives you something to discuss between the quarters this Sunday.

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