Wednesday, May 13, 2009

The Emotional Spectrum of Star Wars

Over on the new scans_daily someone posted these great mashups of Star Wars and Green Lantern.

For the uninitiated, the Green Lantern books are currently embroiled in an epic story line about the nature of the emotional spectrum where each color represents a different emotion. It breaks down like this:

Green is willpower (not an emotion, I know, but that's DC for you)
Yellow is fear
Red is anger
Orange is avarice
Violet is love
Blue is hope
and Indigo is compassion

And for the most part, the artist here did a great job giving the Star Wars characters their rings. Luke up here represents hope, so a blue ring of course. Darth Vader is an embodiment of fear, so give the man/machine a yellow ring. It goes on and it's great

Except for Yoda.

I mean sure, I'm sure using the force and keeping yourself super disciplined takes a lot of willpower, but one of the central tenants of being a Jedi is compassion, something that Yoda here just exudes.

Here's a guy that has forgone everything, including civilization to focus on his studies, and when someone does finds him, he does everything to make them comfortable.

Plus he would totally fit in with that Indigo Tribe"

Lousy space hobos.

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