Sunday, May 10, 2009

F1RST POST!!!11!!!

Hey there and welcome to Platypus Robot, my foray into true blue blogging. I was trying to think of a really effective, compelling first post but I couldn't think of one. Instead, I decided to piggyback on that facebook meme from a while back and tell you 25 things about me (and or my blog). Enjoy?

1- I read comics like it's my job
2- I have an uncanny ability to remember really minute details about the comics that I read. I've often wondered if I've squandered too much of my life
3- I'm a HUGE Marvel zombie.
4- I tend to love the lower tier characters and their often-short-lived series'
5- There are plenty of characters I want to like, but just can't seem to click with
6- While I'm reading comics constantly, my weekly pull list is actually quite small
7- I gave up on comics in 1999 after The Twelve saga. To me, that was the peak of the X-Men in the 90s, the culmination of all the story lines reaching back to the mid 80s and while I understood everything that was going on, it just felt WAAAAY too convoluted for it's own good. I got pulled back in two years later, but I don't think I missed all that much
8- I love digging through dollar (or cheaper!) bins and reading comics from way back when; it's like holding a piece of history.
9- I don't read DC because I can't connect with their major heroes. Batman and Superman, I understand are untouchable, but in my opinion Barry, Hal, and Ollie should have never come back.
10- The first comic I remember looking at in a news stand was at an airport on Phoenix,Amazing Spider-Man #347 , but I didn't buy it. Instead the first comic I ever owned was some crappy GI Joe issue. I still haven't got around to buying that issue of Amazing...
11- I started reading comics in 1991. I started reading around the time of Spider-man #1, and just before the Blue and Gold X-Men split. But the first series I really started following was X-Force, because Cable is awesome!
12- I inherited seven long boxes when a friend of mine moved away a few years ago, and then a huge run of Fantastic Four from another friend shortly after. I'm like a comic book Salvation Army.
13- I try not to have any 'sacred cows' when it comes to comics and I feel like I can enjoy the books more that way
14- I think Grant Morrison's New X-Men was the best run on the X-Men ever. It's too bad it all got erased.
15- I did a couple of shorts involving Galactus a few years ago, and people seem to really dig them. Check out the first one here and the second one here, I did the voice.
16- I used to be a big toy collector, but in recent years (read: since Hasbro took over the Marvel license) I've limited myself to just Art Asylum's Mini-Mates, one of the most cohesive and comprehensive lines I've ever collected.
17- Even though I've mainly talked about comics in this, I intend this blog to encompass all kinds of geeky things.
18- I'm a firm believer that the best video game music EVER comes from Mega Man 2. Go listen to Wily Stage One and try to disagree, that shit ROCKS!
19- I'm one of the few people around that will defend the Prequel Trilogy. I don't think it's as good as the Original Trilogy, but I don't think it's as bad as people make it out to be.
20- I like to make fun of Dungeons and Dragons (and it's fans) for no real good reason other than it makes me laugh. So try not to take it too personally if I throw a jab your way
21- I collect bad sci-fi movies on VHS. My policy is the cooler the cover, the worse the movie. I haven't been let down yet!
22- I think the Infinity Gauntlet is one of the finest storylines that Marvel has ever done, and if they ever released a life-sized Gauntlet, I'd be all over it like white on rice.
23- I fall on the Pirate side of the argument.
24- This isn't my first blog. I run a tumblr blog with a friend of mine called itsatrap, and yes I think you should add this to your blogroll too.
25- This took me way longer to fill out than expected. I need a drink.

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