Tuesday, October 5, 2010

Nomad's Dirty Little Secret

Don't ask me why, but I recently came into possession of the complete series of Nomad. No, not this one, I'm talking about the one that makes you facepalm.

Yeah, that's more like it. Jack Monroe, the crazy Commie Smasher turned Captain America knockoff, turned Punisher wannabe... with a baby.

He travelled the land of the free in search of something. Was it the American Dream? Himself? A reliable babysitter? A better tailor? Whatever it was, I'm sure he never expected to find what he found in Albuquerque:

But really, when do you really expect to accidentally walk into a transvestite bar? I mean, I almost always do, but I live in LA and these folks are strange.

Anyway, this misadventure was chronicled by Fabian Nicieza and Rick Mayes in Nomad #11 and is one of my favorites of the entire run.

The issue begins like most of the run, with Jack wandering into a new town and, spoilers, stumbling onto the local transvestite community. You'd think the transvestite's would be as weirded out by a strange man with an infant in a bar, as Jack was of them, but that wasn't the case on either side. No, instead both sides get along smashingly, with Jack enjoying the scenery as the "ladies" fawned over the baby.

As it turns out, members of this exclusive transvestite club have been turning up dead and, as expected, have been killing the vibe of the town. Not one to sit on his haunches, Jack jumps at the chance to discover who the killer is. Which of course makes him kick a tranny in the face, like you do.

After following all the leads, Jack does what any insane traveling superhero would do in the situation: Dolls himself up and unleashes his inner woman.

And let me tell you, he doesn't make a very good looking woman. (I know you were surprised!)

And wouldn't you know it, he's just ugly enough that someone wants to shoot him. A quick bit of action later, the killer's revealed and gets her comeuppance. But that's not really important.

What is important is Jack discovered a bit of himself that crazy day in Alburquerque:

For me, from this issue forward, Jack Monroe always wore silk panties and because of that he's my favorite 90s badass.

You know, until I find out that Johnny Blaze wore a thong. Or Frank Castle wears brassieres...

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