Sunday, October 3, 2010


David Carradine, Shaft, and a giant dragon eating people around New York City should be a recipe for an amazing movie. Shockingly, it's not.

I'll tell you, I love my genre movies, but this one nearly put me to sleep. Instead of focusing on the awesomeness of this ancient evil reborn in an urban environment the movie instead focuses on some two-bit thug and his dealings with the mob. Talk about false advertising.

I could go into it, but honestly I don't remember most of it. Normally with movies like these I can watch them with half a brain and know what was happening, but not with this one. I struggled with consciousness watching this one and ultimately lost, leaving me very confused when there were extended scenes dealing with this said two-bit thug instead of ones dealing with David Carradine shooting at a dragon with a machine gun.

Long story short, this clip perfectly encapsulates my feelings on Q: Boring with random dragon attacks. Also boring. Enjoy!

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