Monday, October 18, 2010

Tucson Bears

Tucson is a funny town.

It's not just the high concentration of hippies and hipsters, not the abundance of stupid college kids (No judgment here, I totally was one), or the giant tiki head on the corner of 4th ave and 8th street. I mean, those things make the town kinda fun, but that's not the weird thing.

No. Somehow in this town of super cool thrift store connoisseurs, there are still all kinds of low priced gems in all the stores. Looking for a sweet powdered blue suit for under twenty bucks? Done. A belt buckle of pig? Only if you got ten bucks. How about a bear shitting into his sisters pot of honey?

Think about that last one for a second, and then look at what I found for a dollar.

Can you tell what's happening in that scene? Is that brother bear about to pull the worst prank ever? Or is that sister bear really anxious to have her turn? Most pressing: Who in the world would create such a monstrosity?

I didn't know whether to be appalled or overcome with laughter. Instead, I just stared at the thing for a solid ten minutes.

And then I convinced the GirlFriend to buy it for me. She's the best.

This Honey Pot Shitting Bear Statue is like Tucson in a nutshell: The weirdest fucking thing ever, but so awesome that you can't resist showing off to everyone you know.

That was my weekend. How was yours?


  1. the sister bear is probably helping to extract the brother bear's poo.

  2. I love their expressions. He looks SO happy, and she's beyond irritated.