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The Bill January 26, 2010

No weird shipping tricks this week, just an old fashioned Wednesday release day. Assuming, of course, that you ignore that kerfluffle in The Fantastic Four. Seems interesting-ish, but not enough to get me to buy a polybag again. You got me in the 90s, Marvel, never again!

I did, however, buy plenty of non-polybagged issues. Let me tell you what I think about'em.

Coming To An End:

Chaos War # 5
Writers: Fred Van Lente and Greg Pak
Artist: Koi Pham

I was kind of dreading reading this book. Not because it's bad or anything, but more because it's the end of The Incredible Hercules epic from Pak and Van Lente. But what an ending!

In an era where finale's tend to be let-downs, I'm very happy to report that this one satisfied. If you were reading The Incredible Hercules for big fights, clever plot twists, or some sexy loving, it's all here for you. A fitting end for a fabulous run... Or is it?

The best part about this book? I mean, aside from the massive throwdown between The Chaos King and everyone. The reveal that the Pak/Van Lente Hercules will continue in the much shorter titled 'Herc' in April. Those crafty SOBs, they had me worried for a bit.

April can't come soon enough. Until then, I think I have a run to reread.

Better Than It Should Be:

Avengers #9
Writer: Brian Bendis
Artist: John Romita Jr.

After stumbling out of the gate, Bendis has been doing gangbusters with this story line. It's no instant classic, but it's certainly some of the better Bendis I've read in a while.

This issue dealt with the fallout of the Illuminati reveal last issue and filled in the blanks on how The Hood got out of prison. And while it might not totally jibe with the Avengers Academy version, it was pretty alright. In fact, I would have to say I dug this issue.


You know, because there's always a 'but'. While this issue, and the last for that matter, were pretty good, there's not a lot of momentum building. I can see it swelling, but in a typical Bendis manner, it's a slow swell. My hope is that the next two issues actually have our heroes going and fighting something and not just sitting around and talking.

I'm really afraid that they'll just sit around and talk. Please let them go do something, Bendis. I promise to say nice things about the book if you do...

Man, it is late and I am desperately tired. Questions and comments are always welcome. Especially if you want to give me a heads up on something new to check out. I'm always down for the new.

Until then, more Darkhawk.

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