Monday, January 24, 2011

No, Seriously, Speedball and Namorita?

Because this is really getting weird. First it was Darkhawk #26 in 1993 and now it's She Hulk v2 #5 in 2004. What is happening? Two separate mentions of something totally innocuous in books separated by ten years. I need to know where this comes from!

Did they ever hook up? Or did Speedball cop a feel at some point? Is he just giving her shit about the time she had a one-night stand with a villain? Or is he just jealous that he wasn't on the receiving end of her drunken horniness?

I'm totally baffled. Can someone help a brother out? Or do I need to add old issues of New Warriors to my list of 90s comics to buy?

Please don't make me buy New Warriors...

The mystery deepens thanks to Dan Slott and Paul Pelletier. Thanks a lot for that...

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