Friday, March 11, 2011

That Campbell/Loeb Spidey Project is Still Happening? Seriously?

Today at his Talk to the Hat feature over at CBR, Tom Brevroot confirmed that indeed the mythical J. Scott Campbell/Jeph Loeb Spider-Man series is still happening. He even showed some art, inferring that Campbell is still working on the second issue of the series.

What's that? You don't remember hearing about this one? You don't remember the May 2006 announcement that this duo was going to be teaming up and giving the fans a top-notch Spider-Man project? I think J. Scott Campbell forgot too, so don't feel too bad.

Honestly, what does it take to cancel the book and call it a wash? I know Campbell's slow, but DAMN SON that is SSSSLLOOOOWWWWW. At this rate, we should see this book sometime in the winter of 2016... when it's released on a quarterly schedule.

Also, I guess I should give up my dream of ever seeing Wildsiderz getting completed...


  1. I do remember hearing about this, but I completely forgot about it until now. I honestly couldn't be any less in reading new material by Loeb at this point, although I wouldn't mind having a Spider-Man comic with interior art by Campbell. The whole thing makes you wonder how much time he spends on the covers he occasionally does -- I mean there's no way he could really be THAT slow if he's actually trying, right?

  2. Right? I don't get it.

    Campbell must have the cushiest, most lenient contract EVER for him to be able to do six covers a year and still be able to survive.

    Or who knows, maybe he's like Prince and stashes away all of his penciled pages that he doesn't deem perfect.

  3. Yes, it's really sad what the Spider-man comics have become over the past six years. Every month is hype. Hype. Hype. Hype. If they really wanted to put out quality stuff they should of done that with or without Campbell six years ago. I don't care about magic-Amnesiac Spider-man. I want the guy who lost his best friend in Spectacular Spider-man #200 or the guy who learned lessons about responsibility.

    They announced this project right before they decided to just lie to fans about what the content of the books were. It was really bad and sometimes just wasn't there to begin with. Why do a thing about unmasking Spider-man when you're not going to captalize on it and then produce the worst comic ever. I tried reading the new stuff, but I can't even tell who Spider-man is supposed to be anymore. He has no history.