Thursday, July 8, 2010

The Bill July 8, 2010

Wednesdays after holidays make me sad. We're living in the future here people, you'd think they'd figure out how to make sure I get my comics on time and not a day late because of some random day off.

The politician who figures out the solution to that problem will have my vote for life. Just sayin'...

Anyway, a day late and a dollar short, it's time for your new favorite reviews: The Bill!

Best of the Week:

Avengers: The Children's Crusade
Writer: Allan Heinberg
Artist: Jim Cheung

Can you believe it's been five years since Young Avengers # 1 came out? And consequently, that these characters have been in a holding pattern for the better part of three years? It's nuts! Thankfully, that all changes this week.

Finally, after getting all of his TV work out of the way, Allan Heinberg has returned for the next chapter in the Young Avengers' lives and it's pure honey.

Well, mostly anyway. He kinda ignores the fact that Cassie and the Vision were on an actual Avengers team for a while, not to mention that the whole gang were on opposite sides of the Registration debate, but whatever it's water under the bridge, right?

The story picks up as the team is facing off against the Sons of Serpents and Wiccan goes supernova to defeat them. Given his supposed connection to The Scarlet Witch, the big name Avengers are a (understandably) bit spooked and want to run a few tests. The ol' YA decide to fuck that noise and bust out in order to get all the answers they seek from the lady herself.

In all, it was a great, solid, first issue. Maybe not as great as the first first issue, but still pretty entertaining. Throw in some fabulous work from Jimmy Cheung (why hasn't he done a big crossover yet? He should) with great character interplay, and you got me hooked.

Too bad it's bi-monthly. See you in 60, Young Avengers!

Worst of the Week:

Tails of the Pet Avengers: The Dogs of Summer
Writer: Chris Eliopoulos
Artist: Chris Eliopoulos and Ig Guara

Wanna know what really gets my goat? False advertising.

Silly me, I thought I'd pick up this issue and get some great done-in-one Pet Avenger action, but I thought wrong. Instead it was a Franklin Richards-a-thon, with only fleeting glimpses of my favorite non-human heroes. WTF Marvel? I want my furry heroes.

Don't get me wrong, the Franklin stuff is cute and fun, but it was not what I was expecting. If it was: Tails of the Pet Avengers meets Franklin Richards Son of a Genius OR Franklin Richards: Heavy Petting, I would totally understand. As it is, there is no mention of Franklin on the cover, and nothing but on the inside.

Also, as a quick aside, why are we calling him Frog Thor now? Throg was WAY cooler and more clever in a not-so-clever-but-fun kind of way.

Extremely disappointing.

And so it goes. If you want to hear about anything else I bought (Like the sweet as Christmas Mandarin minimate) let me know. Otherwise, I'll catch you guys later.

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