Wednesday, July 21, 2010

Off to San Diego

Like most of the known comics-blogosphere, I'm off to the illustrious San Diego Comic Con this weekend. That being the case, I may not have a great ability to post any big articles or even give Scott Pilgrim vol. 6 a proper review (I'm sure it's going to be stellar though, how couldn't it be?).

Fret not, dear reader, I'm not totally leaving the internet this weekend. What with technology being what it is, I'm crossing over to the dark side and debuting a twitter account. It's here that I can give you live updates from the floor (mainly me complaining about how full it is) along with any exciting things that happen after hours. It should be a good time. I suggest you stop by and give me a follow or at least just check up on my 140-character ramblings. You can find me here: @PlatypusRobot

Also, if you happen to be in San Diego you should try to run into me. I'll be there all weekend, probably closer to Artist's Alley than the main super drag. That, or I'll be drooling over the new minimates that I hope Art Asylum debuts while we're there. I'll be the tall guy with a well kept beard and glasses. I'm sure you won't be able to miss me /sarcasm.

With that, I'm off. Finally the time is nigh to finish my Secret Defenders collection.

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