Friday, July 2, 2010

Meet Your New Spider-Man

In 2012, you will believe that Spider-Man is British.

Today Sony revealed who was taking over the role as our favorite wall-crawler: 26 (or 27, depending on your source) year old British actor Andrew Garfield. Check it out:

Not a bad likeness, I must say. Honestly, he wasn't my first choice (actually, I didn't know he was in the running) but he's totally a better fit than Jamie Bell. I do think it's pretty funny though that in this younger Spidey reboot, they cast a guy who was as old as Tobey McGuire was in the first one. That's just silly.

Anyway, I did some searching for y'all and I found this great clip of the guy taking e and dancing. After watching this, I think he'll be great as Peter.

Now here's hoping that this new movie is better than the last.

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