Sunday, July 4, 2010


Is there any other option for this weekend? Really?

Confession time: This is one of my favorite movies of all time. I know it's kinda cheesy, full of plot holes, and a little long in the middle, but I can't help but to love it. I'll never forget the trailers for this thing, the image of hundreds of fighter jets streaking across the sky towards some huge mothership will be forever ingrained in my mind. It came out in that magical time when I was 13 or so and helped jump start the huge summer blockbuster, and for me, set the standard.

As a quick aside, I've always been baffled that they never made a sequel. In an era when every moderate or better hit get some kind of sequel, be them theatrical or direct-to-DVD, this one seems to hit the Hollywood blindspot. It's almost as if everyone forgot it existed right after it came out, even though I'm pretty sure it made a big splash. Or maybe it was just in my neck of the woods.

Anyway, the clip this week is THE clip from the movie. Bill Pullman, as one of the best movie presidents ever, rallies the troops before their suicide mission against the aliens in one of the greatest movie speeches of all time.


It always gives my goosebumps. Have a happy Fourth!

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